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CrossBow™ Fascial Closure System

Simplify your laparoscopic port site closure technique

  • Safe, quick, reproducible closure
  • Predictable suture placement
  • Simple to use

Bolton Surgical are the exclusive UK distributors for Suture Ease, a US based company focused on technologies for the closure of inner abdominal wall defects following laparoscopic surgery.

Suture Ease has developed an award winning technology that enhances the ease, safety, and reliability of cannula port closure. The CrossBow™ Guide is an innovative, disposable device that combines elegant design with optimal functionality. The suture placement guide enables reproducible suture placement coupled with a novel snare loop technology for easy suture retrieval. Combined with the SecurusEP Passer, a premium, disposable suture passing needle, the two devices combine for the ultimate in instrumentation for closure of cannula port defects. 



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