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ScopeControl® is the only automated rigid endoscope testing machine in the world. Developed by Dovideq Medical in the Netherlands, ScopeControl helps to manage risk, by offering rigid endoscope quality assurance & service life optimisation after each and every use.

Scope Control

ScopeControl is set with six fully automated test and measurement functions. Each function is designed to verify a specific element of the endoscope under test. All test results are presented in a measurement report providing valuable details and visual feedback about the quality of the endoscope.

ScopeControl is ideal for organisations such as hospitals and departments of surgery, sterilisation and decontamination service departments, endoscope repair/service providers and endoscope manufacturers.

Scope Control Close Up

Benefits from using ScopeControl include

  • Incoming endoscopes with defects can be objectively measured and all data will be stored
  • Outgoing repaired endoscopes can be measured before shipment
  • Test reports available for service providers and/or customers to show improvement following repair
  • Ability to connect ScopeControl to specific service organisation database
  • Overall monitoring of the quality process 
  • Objective measurements
  • Improved quality assurance
  • Less hassle and discussions with customers/end users, objective data can be shared amongst stakeholders

Learn more about ScopeControl by watching a short video here

Bolton Surgical are the exclusive distributors for ScopeControl in the United Kingdom and Ireland. please contact us for further information, a presentation and/or demonstration.

Are you an overseas customer?Please contact Dovideq Medical directly here.

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